Board of Ministry

The New England District Board of Ministry oversees the credentialing process for district licensed ministers, ordination candidates, and all those ordained who serve on or report to the district.

For questions concerning licensing and credentialing, contact our chairperson, Rev. Dr. John Megyesi.

For questions concerning education, classes, and studies, contact Rev. Dr. John Nielson (Education Director) or Rev. Kazimiera Fraley (Records Secretary)

For questions concerning Candidate Assessment (required for first-time NE district license applicants), contact our Ministerial Assessment & Preparation (MAP) Director, Rev. Tom Quattrociocchi.

Not sure who to ask? Check with our District Secretary: Rev. Gerry Whetstone


As you begin, use the Overview of Candidate Process and Responsibilities. This is a general overview of the credentialing process, useful to candidates, pastors, and partners.

Ministry Preparation Handbook

For more information, the Ministry Preparation Handbook is an updated and comprehensive guide to the process of ministry preparation on our district. 


New Ministry Candidates:

Local Church Pastors:

Once a candidate has met the following prerequisites for consideration for a District License, (DL) each local church pastor must register that candidate for participation in our Ministerial Assessment & Preparation (MAP) Weekend.

District License Prerequisites:

(For full details see “B. The Licensed Minister,” Manual, pp. 197-201)

2024 Ministerial Assessment & Preparation (MAP) Weekend Handbook

District License Candidates will be contacted by the Board of Ministry (BOM) Chair following the successful completion of the MAP Weekend. Likewise, Renewal District License Candidates will be contacted annually by their assigned Regional BOM Chairs, ultimately being contacted by the BOM Chair when the candidate is invited to make application for ordination.

The various chairs will share pertinent documents and applications that need to be completed as well as deadlines each year, however, for local church pastors assisting candidates themselves, the following application will be a necessary component annually for all district license candidates (including during the year a candidate is eligible for consideration by the assembly for ordination):

A further component of the continuation of licensing will include a specific time of service alongside the completion of the COS. To assist us in maintaining records for this, local church pastors and candidates are requested to submit a Praxis (Practical Experience) Report annually. We also ask  local church pastors to keep the BOM updated as necessary with the latest copy of the candidate’s ministry profile, internship contract, or pastoral job description (please send directly to our BOM Chair):

Kingdom blessings on the discovery of God’s call among all in Christ’s Church!

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